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3 Financial Concepts Every Young Adult Should Master

The importance of financial literacy cannot be stressed enough. For one, the recent global health crisis has forced many of us to change our lifestyles due to reduced incomes and opportunities. Furthermore, not having a strong grasp of key financial concepts makes it impossible for any of us to achieve financial stability and independence down the line.
Unfortunately, a …


Reading Corner Ideas for Classrooms

Reading is undoubtedly important! Making a great and cozy reading corner can also go a long way to making reading a little more interesting and engaging! You can do this with things like bean bag chairs, storage bins, and even regular fabric. We know that making a magical space can be a little difficult with little space or funds. Still, you can make magic even with limited resources. If you want to give that a try, let’s get to creating!
Here are some of our favorite reading and study corner for classrooms and home:
Make Poets out of Them…

School Attire Ideas

Chic Back-to-School Attire Ideas

Picking your clothes for school or college is perhaps the most essential aspect of your day as a teenager. However, when it comes to back-to-school outfits, trying new things is critical.
After all, there are so many beautiful ideas that you may follow these days. With that said, you have the opportunity to gain some inspiration and plan your perfect back-to-school look, thanks to the Internet and urban-style gurus. more info here.
Striped T-Shirt and Denim
Denim and stripes may be the most versatile of all the trendy girls’ clothing styles. For a low-maintenance casual…


Supporting Your Child to Become Literate

Literacy is a skill that is made up of two basic abilities that every human being should learn: reading and writing. These two skills are very essential for anyone that desires to succeed in life.
Reading and writing are two of the ways we communicate with the world. This is how we learn and manipulate our language so we can interact with the people around us. Additionally, it helps us influence the world to make it a little bit safe for us to navigate.
These reasons are enough to encourage your children to learn …


How to Prevent Summer Slides

Classes have been suspended for a long time and most parents have opted for virtual learning for their kids to prevent summer slide. This is, basically, a time during summer when kids lose the skills and knowledge that they learned the previous school year.
However, we can all agree that person-to-person teaching is more impactful and effective than modules and virtual classes. The lessons are better explained, lessons are more guided, and children get to play with their friends. Thus, the summer slide is likely to take full effect when they are out of the …


Why Family Financial Literacy Has Never Been More Important

The pandemic has brought the world down to its knees in nearly all aspects. We have never been restrained in our work and family activities as much as we have in these times. Most people lost jobs, families were forced to change their lifestyles due to reduced incomes, and parents were forced to stretch their income to accommodate the needs of their children.
Now that we have limited resources, we need to learn how to maximize them and manage our income better. Most families are homeschooling their children and this makes it the best time to start …


3 Ways to Get Through to Reserved Adults

Being shy and reserved is not only experienced in children but adults as well. However, not knowing how to engage, interact and speak one’s can make one appear incompetent, an aspect that is desirable in employees, entrepreneurs, and leaders.
In other words, adults need to step out of their shells. As a literacy teacher and practitioner, it can be challenging when you have shy adult learners. Here are 3 effective strategies to involve shy adults.
1. Identify and Group Learners with Similar Experiences