In our efforts to advance adult learning, we have worked with various organizations, government, and private institutions throughout the country, to reach as many adults as possible and allow them to better themselves and their lives.

We’ve built strong partnerships with the Canadian government, profit and non-organizations, and the media to give adults access to user-friendly learning programs that can help them keep up with the fast-paced world. These programs are meant to help them gain essential knowledge, skills, and attitude and the advantages that come with it. 

Although we’ve done so much work, it’s far from over. Almost 50% of adult Canadians still lack the literacy skills they need to function effectively at work and hold down their jobs, and almost 20% are unable to read simple instructions on manuals or even prescription bottles.

If you believe in our cause and want to make Canada a more learned and capable nation, CONTACT US! Be a partner and help us improve the lives of the Canadian population by giving them opportunities to improve their literacy and learn important skills to succeed in life.