Being shy and reserved is not only experienced in children but adults as well. However, not knowing how to engage, interact and speak one’s can make one appear incompetent, an aspect that is desirable in employees, entrepreneurs, and leaders.

In other words, adults need to step out of their shells. As a literacy teacher and practitioner, it can be challenging when you have shy adult learners. Here are 3 effective strategies to involve shy adults.

1. Identify and Group Learners with Similar Experiences

Changing seating arrangements will help you place learners with a similar experience and interest together. This can help spark interaction and shy learners will become more confident discussing the topic at hand.

Also, this will develop the learners’ appetite for engaging with adults in their circles. Soon enough, these shy adults will step out of their comfort zones and engage the entire class.

2. Make the Coursework Relevant

Like all learners, adult learners want more engaging discussions. If the adults find the class relevant to what they want to learn and develop, you won’t have to force them to participate; they will willingly do that. Simply make sure to point out the applicability of your lessons to secure the relevance of your lessons to their lives.

3. Listen to Them

Most of the time, it helps to engage the students and get to know what would work best for them. If you have shy adult learners in class, you can approach them privately and ask them what they need to make engaging with others easier. This will enable you to personalize your lessons to accommodate shy learners.

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