Classes have been suspended for a long time and most parents have opted for virtual learning for their kids to prevent summer slide. This is, basically, a time during summer when kids lose the skills and knowledge that they learned the previous school year.

However, we can all agree that person-to-person teaching is more impactful and effective than modules and virtual classes. The lessons are better explained, lessons are more guided, and children get to play with their friends. Thus, the summer slide is likely to take full effect when they are out of the classroom setting.

Despite the efforts to compensate for the long school break, the kids are still in and out of classrooms for the past months. Most parents are doing their best to homeschool their kids and guide them in their virtual classes but nothing can beat a classroom experience.

A 2020 study shows that around 33% of students in 1st to 3rd grades who were lagging behind the class before the pandemic are 6 months further behind their reading milestones. To beat this academic challenge, the responsibility falls heavily on the parents to keep their kids’ learning intact and their minds sharp to take in more knowledge.

However, the work doesn’t have to be extremely strenuous. Short, but regular, learning times should be enough to help the kids stay on top of their game.

The Literacy Encyclopedia has various child-friendly learning materials that students can study for 15-20 minutes daily with the help of their parents to keep their literacy skills up to par.

The materials vary from workbooks to audio-video resources. Children are taught how to read, write, draw, play with their imagination, and interact with amusing characters in fun ways. Our family literacy resources and videos are designed to help both parents and children overcome the summer slide. 

Be sure to check them out and find the perfect summer activity for your child. 

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