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Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy is achieved when a person gains enough knowledge and skill to confidently navigate and stay updated on the changes in the digital world. For some adults, technology can be intimidating and some believe that learning technology is unnecessary, especially if they already find comfort in their current functions as a member of their family and the workforce.
Things are going digital and technology is one undeniable thing that we have to learn from the younger generation. Most companies and organizations are adopting technology to meet the changing …


An Overview of Civic Literacy

Being passive in your community may no longer work in your favor nowadays. There is a need to be more open and contribute to the things that affect you.
Civic Literacy focuses on the skills and knowledge necessary to participate in the discussions within your community and have a say in any changes that governing bodies wish to make. Well-developed civic literacy skills will help you exercise your right to vote and have an informed opinion on anything your community decides upon. This is your way of taking your place and expressing your voice.


A Glimpse at Family Literacy

In most cases, education is prioritized for children than for adults. However, this should not be the case since every family member must be able to read and write so they can communicate well and take better care of the family.
The more the children learn, the more literary and communication skills they need to stay engaged, challenged, and continuously grow in knowledge and ability to interact. Therefore, it’s massively important for the adults in the family to keep up so they can keep guiding the children in learning essential life skills.


Literacy in a Nutshell

How we engage with the world and communicate through written and spoken words relies heavily on literacy. Literacy is defined as the ability to read, understand, and write a certain language regardless of method, aligned with mainstream or widely accepted dictionaries of that language. The opposite of literacy is illiteracy which is the absence of the ability to write or read.
What is Life Literacy?
Life literacy is basically literacy skills that are essential for you to live a full life. It also encompasses skills that one needs to acquire in …