In most cases, education is prioritized for children than for adults. However, this should not be the case since every family member must be able to read and write so they can communicate well and take better care of the family.

The more the children learn, the more literary and communication skills they need to stay engaged, challenged, and continuously grow in knowledge and ability to interact. Therefore, it’s massively important for the adults in the family to keep up so they can keep guiding the children in learning essential life skills.

This is what family literacy is all about: the literacy levels of the adults in the family such as the parents and grandparents. If the parents and grandparents are unable to provide support in the development of the kids, they will be less likely to keep up in school and advance in their skills. 

Data on Family Literacy

According to The Read-Aloud Handbook, Jim Trelease, kids spend most of their time outside either in school or outside with their friends. Therefore, the adults must support their growth and learning.

Another study has shown that children whose literacy development is actively supported and participated by parents perform better at reading tests than their counterparts. Another data illustrates that parental education has more influence on a child’s decision to proceed to postsecondary education than an increase in the parent’s income.

Both parents should be active in their child’s learning. A study in the Kids and Family Reading Report- Scholastic 2017 illustrates that the reading habits of both parents impact their kids’ reading habits. Data show that 57% of kids who are avid readers have parents who read frequently. 

On the other hand, another study has shown that children with low-literate parents have a large skills gap when they get to kindergarten compared to their peers. 


The adults’ behavior and abilities support that of their children. Therefore, family literacy is vital in growing a family of learned individuals who are capable of navigating life, schools, and workplaces with ease.

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