Literacy Encyclopedia offers numerous free programs that are designed to help the community do better. All our programs are free and cater to the needs of people in various categories like the workplace, finances, digital space, and many more.

Essential Skills Day

Under this program, you will learn essential life and work skills that can help you get a job or do better at your current job. Courses about health, finances, literacy and workplace skills will be taught using a language that’s easily understandable to all. 

Health is Life

The purpose of this program is to educate individuals, families, and communities about their health. Literacy Encyclopedia realizes the importance of gaining knowledge on how to take care of our bodies so we can confidently make informed decisions on health issues that matter.

To achieve this, we’ve made this program more interactive with workbooks that you can download and use in the comfort of your home. Kindly input your details below and click the “Submit” button to access the workbooks.

Internet Matters: Let’s Go Digital

The world has been operating a lot online and while adults have been in this world longer, the internet is something they need to catch up on. With the help of youth volunteers, downloadable workbooks, and other resources, Literacy Canada will be teaching adults what the internet is so they can navigate it better and more safely.

Literacy Encyclopedia Skills Hub

Literacy Encyclopedia also has an online platform where adult learners can create their accounts and study the workbooks at their time. It’s built through simple language and beginner-friendly design so it’s easy to navigate and appeals to internet newbies.

You can also have your program workbooks delivered using the Skills Nook if you’re more comfortable learning through printouts. Soon enough, the platform will integrate a Teachers’ Hub for more interactive learning. Through this feature, teachers can set up and conduct online classes. 

Skills for Work

This program offers free workbooks and workshops meant to teach learners the skills needed to be employable. While the other programs focus on the hard skills, this focuses on the soft skills. It helps learners build desirable workplace attitudes and skills such as Task and Time Management, Teamwork, Answerability, Effective Stress Management, and Communication, among others.