Literacy Encyclopedia is a non-profit organization that supports other organizations whose work revolves around adult learning. We focus on providing the best learning resources so adults can enhance their literacy, develop important skills, and take advantage of various opportunities.

We create and stand for the importance of using elementary yet high-quality learning tools expressed in simple language to maximize comprehensibility and learning.

1. Vision

Literacy Encyclopedia envisions Canada to be full of people with access to resources and an avenue for literacy and skills development.

2. Mission

Literacy encyclopedia supports and empowers organizations whose work revolves around adult learning by creating elementary and high-quality learning resources using simple language.

3. Core Values

Inclusive Learning: We believe that it’s not too early or too late to learn. Learning, developing skills, and enjoying opportunities are activities that are lifelong and ageless.

4. Integrity

We operate with transparency and show respect to everyone we communicate and build relationships with.

5. Unity

Cooperation and collaboration push our organizational pursuits into fruition. We value the contribution of every person in our team and all our stakeholders who share our vision and help execute our mission.

6. Superiority

We ensure superior quality in what we create, how we serve, and how we act. We marry professionalism with friendliness to achieve excellence and a sense of community with our stakeholders.

We at Literacy Encyclopedia:

  • Develop elementary-level learning materials suited for adult learning
  • Provide these learning materials to various groups and organizations that support adult learning
  • Stand for easy access to these materials by giving them for free to learners