Reading is undoubtedly important! Making a great and cozy reading corner can also go a long way to making reading a little more interesting and engaging! You can do this with things like bean bag chairs, storage bins, and even regular fabric. We know that making a magical space can be a little difficult with little space or funds. Still, you can make magic even with limited resources. If you want to give that a try, letโ€™s get to creating!

Here are some of our favorite reading and study corner for classrooms and home:

Make Poets out of Them

Poetry is a beautiful way to help kids with growing their fluency, vocabulary, and expressing themselves. To help them with this, you can create a poet tree to learn to write and appreciate poetry. To get this plan in motion, you can recruit your little helpers to make a handcrafted tree. This could be made from cardboard, or postal wrap twisted together – get as creative as you can!

Place the tree away from the center of the corner or at an easily accessible edge. The tree can also be taped to the wall. When the students settle to read some poetry, hand them small cards to write their favorite lines. With your help, they can stick their papers to the tree. Make the experience even more exhilarating by writing their own poems to be stuck to the tree later on.

Keep It Fun, Use Book Boats


Silent reading should not be boring. You can spice things up with alternative forms of sitting. Keep them comfortable and eager to read. Book boats are fairly common with reading corners, and you can make yours too!

You will need Sterilite bins or storage bins big enough to fit your kids. Any kind of plastic tub will suffice. If the bins come with lids, cut out half of the lid to give space for the student to step into and sit in comfortably. Next, you will need soft enough throw pillows to act as a cushion. If you would like to go the extra step, bedazzle the book boats with some paint, glitter, and even stickers.

Beanbags Are Your Friends

The reading corner should be stimulating and comfortable. Yes, that combination is possible. Alternative sitting options can also include beanbags, floor cushions, and beanbag chairs. Beanbags are comfortable and relaxing to sit on as they adjust to the shape of whoever sits on them.

While providing comfort, they also help in correcting posture. You can be sure that your students will have no problems comfortably reading. Make sure to get bean bags in the right sizes to avoid any difficulty with reaching them.

When in Doubt, Just Teepee It

Teepees have quickly become a staple in a basic decor for children, be it bedrooms, classrooms, or anywhere else. Not only are they incredibly cozy, but they also give a feeling of privacy and togetherness.

While your local store might have a couple of cheap small teepees, you could decide to make your own. With durability and affordability being the watchwords of the day, you will only need a few things: dowels, some fabric, throw pillows, and some rope.

Depending on the number of students, you can make one teepee large enough to accommodate more than one kid โ€” this could even be a great way to implement a reading partner system! This one might prove to be a little complex, but if you want it, you go for it!

Hang a Curtain

Sometimes, decorating is just as easy as it gets. You might not know it, but hanging up a curtain could instantly brighten up a reading corner. Prop up a pole or stick and hang some fabric from it. This allows the corner to assume that secluded feel of purpose.

Bring out the Bins

If you are a sucker for reusability and duality, you will love this one. True decor enthusiasts know that the storage bins are where the gems lie. Purchase a couple of book bins to store books.

When it is time to read, the books can be emptied out of the bins in which the students can sit and read. Donโ€™t forget to make the seat as comfortable as possible by adding throw pillows as cushions.

Get Some Book Buddies

Reading is no small task. If you want to support your children to become literate, introduce them to books or reading buddies. This can be a great way to keep them interested and engaged. While book buddies could be another student, introducing stuffed animals or stuffed toys could change the game!

With the former, you can pair students up to read together while the latter requires a little more effort. Round up favorite stuffed toys and put them in a basket or bin dedicated to the cause. When it is time to read, your budding bookworms pick their favorite book buddy and read to them. The activity instantly becomes a little more relaxing. Reading aloud has never been more productive.

Making reading fun can be challenging and exciting in many ways. There is plenty to be done and discovered so get those creative juices flowing and get started!

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